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  1. A suspension is a heterogeneous mixture in which the solute particles do not dissolve, but get suspended throughout the bulk of the solvent, left floating around freely in the medium. The internal phase (solid) is dispersed throughout the external phase (fluid) through mechanical agitation, with the use of certain excipients or suspending agents.
  2. QA1 provides performance shock absorbers, suspension, driveshafts, rod end bearings, ball joints and more for circle track, drag racing, street performance, street rodding and industrial markets.
  3. With Rough Country Suspension Systems, you get it ALL: unbeatable service, high-quality off-road products, a lifetime warranty, and rock bottom prices. You work hard to play hard - Rough Country .
  4. We have complete lowering kits for a road-hugging sport stance, and lift kits to accommodate massive tires and greater suspension travel. Summit also has steering components, sway bars, frame rails and connectors, tie rods, wheelie bars, and wheel tubs, plus engine, transmission, and suspension .
  5. What is a Suspension System for? Basically, a suspension is a system of springs, shock absorbers, and linkages that connect a car to its wheels. It allows relative motion between the two. Moreover, suspension systems must at all times support both roads holding and ride quality, which is more often than not at odds with each other.
  6. suspension [sus-pen´shun] 1. temporary cessation, as of pain or a vital process. 2. a supporting from above, as in treatment where extremities are elevated with a traction device. 3. a preparation of a finely divided, undissolved substance dispersed in a liquid vehicle. bladder neck suspension any of various methods of surgical fixation of the.
  7. BDS Suspension leads the market with top quality lift kits and accessories for Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, Dodge / RAM, Toyota, Jeep & other popular models. BDS offers leveling kits & lift kits, shocks & steering stabilizers, upper control arms, long arms, traction bars & more. All backed by the No Fine Print Warranty!
  8. suspension definition: The definition of a suspension is a device or framework that supports weight. (noun) An example of a suspension is the springs and shocks in a car.
  9. Synonyms for suspension at quikartadetvercmuwilzavanbeschballdisp.co with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for suspension.

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