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Zambesi Fragment

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  1. ZAMADZI consists in the merge of the fragment ZAM from Zambezi, and the word MADZI which means water, with a few variations, in Banthu languages: manzi in Zulu; maji in Swahili; and mati in Shangaan. Just like this family of languages, the waters of the Zambezi are shared among millions of .
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  4. Zambesi is an African country that has been through years of violence and suffers from lawlessness and poaching. Contents. History. It was, for a long time, run by dictator Mustapha Maksai, who killed his half-brother Richard Jiwe in a heated race for presidency.
  5. Jan 26,  · Zambesi. A river in Southern Africa, which has its source in Zambia and flows into the Indian Ocean. Anagrams. Ziembas; Italian Proper noun. Italian Wikipedia has an article on: Zambesi.
  6. The Spear of Destiny, or Holy Lance, was an immensely powerful, biblical artifact capable of altering reality. It is mentioned in Judeo-Christian religions. It was an ordinary spear before the Roman soldier Longinus used it to pierce the side of Jesus Christ after he died on the cross, resulting in its immense supernatural powers. It can be found using the Askaran Amulet and activated with the Missing: Zambesi.
  7. Amaya Jiwe is a former member of the Legends and the Justice Society of America known as Vixen. After witnessing the death of her boyfriend, Rex Tyler, she decided to align herself with the Legends to get their assistance in her mission to hunt down the mysterious time traveler who killed Rex. She is also the grandmother of Mari, the Vixen of the present, and Kuasa. However, due to the.
  8. Zambesi can connect your business with leaders at fast growing companies for one-on-one coaching, in-house training, business consulting and group talks. Check out recent case studies» Contact us. Workshops and special events with leaders from the world’s fastest growing companies.

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